After months of wanting to start a blog my sister introduced me to the perfect website and I’ve done it! I’ve always found myself having a passion for writing, even when I was younger I had a little notebook full of weird but wonderful ‘poems’ I had managed to come up with (how many sentences I could get to rhyme). I would also stay up at night attempting to write the opening scene of stories in hope that one day I may just come up with the next successful fictional book like Harry Potter.

The idea of starting a blog came to mind after I had become slightly..obsessed..with watching YouTubers and reading their blogs (particularly Joe Sugg and Tanya Burr). Reading the comments they receive showed me that there’s people all over the world who share the same thoughts as you and that you’re never alone. I thought I would put my love for writing to good use and give it a go to see if I can help anyone like I’ve seen others help complete strangers just by the use of words! So, yeah.

Love, Keri x


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