Did I regret my ‘Benefit’ spend?

Over the weekend I decided to go for a big summer shop. Within an hour of entering the shopping centre I realised it wasn’t going to be successful. It’s safe to say I’d easily make it into the top 10 worst shoppers! 

I woke up in the morning, read through the list of things I wanted to buy and thought ‘Right, today I WILL find what I need!’. It started off reasonably well, me and my friend went into Newlook and I picked up loads of pretty summery items that I loved but you know, being the fussy girl I am, I didn’t like a single one on. The exact same happened in Primark and Topshop. Nothing was fitting me well and nothing looked good on me. You can imagine at this point I was beginning to get frustrated.

Anyway, the one thing I did know I wanted was new (and good) make up. I went into boots to buy one item, the ‘Benefit Roller Lash mascara’. I had read loads of great reviews on it so I thought ‘why not?’. Half an hour later I walked out  having spent a little over £60 which was not what I had anticipated. But the question you want me to get to the point of is did I regret spending what I think is a lot of money on 3 items of make up. That’s what is coming up, I will answer it, promise! So I hope you haven’t given up on my rambling just yet! 🙂

The first item is the ‘Benefit Roller Lash Mascara’ priced at £19.50


I walked over to the Benefit section in Boots and picked up this mascara. A lovely girl who worked there came up to me and asked if I wanted her to try it on me so I could see what it looked like before I bought it, so of course I agreed! When she put it on I already had mascara on so it went very thick and fake looking which isn’t what I’m into when it comes to make up. She told me it would come out thinner and more natural looking when I apply it without my mascara already on so I trusted her and bought it. Honestly, I LOVE IT! Naturally my eyelashes are long anyway, but this mascara gives them the extra length I wanted and it really curls them well (bonus!) which is great because I don’t have to invest in an eyelash curler as desperately as I did with my old mascara. My eyelashes look the same when I get home from school as they did when I first applied the mascara in the morning which I’ve never had with any other mascara before!

The second item I bought was Benefits ‘gimme brow’ which is £18.50 in light brown


At first glance I thought ‘really? That’s tiny!’ but it really does last a long time because you don’t need a lot on at all! My eyebrows are fairly fair so sometimes it’s difficult to even see them properly! Previously I had tried an eyebrow pencil which I didn’t get on with at all. I have fairly thick eyebrows so an eyebrow pencil defined them way too much and made it look as if I had two lego blocks across my forehead. I wasn’t a fan of that look. The girl at the Benefit stand tried this on me and I instantly felt relieved because I didn’t think any eyebrow product would look okay on me. My eyebrows didn’t look too full out, they still looked natural and I was so happy about it. I bought it hoping I would be able to apply it myself without messing up. It’s really easy to apply yourself! I’m not the best when it comes to make up so this was a real winner for me.

Lastly is Benefits ‘Pore fessional’ primer which is £24.50 (pricey for the size, I know)


I had already bought 2 items so I was determined not to buy anything else. The girl said to me ‘Does your make up stay on throughout the day?’ I thought to myself ‘wow, you’re just trying to make a sale and get me to spend my money’ so I said ‘yeah, usually’ thinking she would move on but the next thing I know she’s putting this on my hand and OH MY GOD IT FELT AMAZING! My hand was incredibly smooth, I couldn’t stop stroking it! (sounds very weird..) It covered up so many lines and freckles on my hand so I thought it could do wonders on my face so of course,  I fell into the trap and bought it. With this, I’m not as pleased as I was with the other two purchases. It does make my face feel very soft and lovely but when I rub it in it goes fairly bitty, maybe I’m doing something wrong but that’s what I found!

Overall, I don’t so much regret buying these 3 items because they are great and definitely have given me a boost in confidence with applying my make up but I’ve never been the kind to spend a lot of money on make up before. I know you can get a lot of items for cheaper from high street brands that work just as well if not better in some occasions. So I guess it’s just trial and error to find what works best for you! Everyone likes different looks when it comes to make up so I wouldn’t tell anybody to buy something but personally I would definitely buy these items again but perhaps not all in one go. My biggest regret is how empty and low this shop has made my bank account 😦  I went for a big clothes shop and ended up spending most of my money on make up.. I would advise you all not to do that unless you’re really in love with how something looks on you..

I didn’t think I would ever blog about anything beauty because I’m not good at make up what so ever, but it seemed a useful thing that people would want to know about! I doubt I will do it often because I don’t believe in encouraging people to spend their money just to feel good about themselves. You can most definitely look beautiful without expensive make up!

Love, Keri x


5 thoughts on “Did I regret my ‘Benefit’ spend?

  1. Hi there! Could you pretty please explain what you mean by “when I rub it in it goes fairly bitty”? I’m from the U.S. and I’m just not familiar with the term “bitty” the way you used it. Thanks.


      1. Thanks. That’s what I thought. I’ve had this trouble sometimes with primers. One thing that I’ve found helpful is to make sure I wait a few minutes after putting on moisturizer before applying the primer. But it may just be a problem with that particular type. I use a primer from Bare Escentuals and won’t go without it now. I tried their “Oil-control” primer and had that same “bitty” problem every time, so I gave up on that one. The original works great for me though.
        Also wanted to comment regarding eyebrows, just in case you’re still not happy with what you’ve got. I use a little angled-edge flat brush (has a fine edge) to apply a powdered brow color, or even just eye shadow works. I have more control over the intensity of color, it goes on softer, no harsh edges that make that over-defined, too-solid look. I am also fair, with fair hair, and I find a taupe color works best on me. It’s kind of neutral, not too brown or warm as that would stand out too much on my face. After applying the color, I go over my brows with an old toothbrush (or eyebrow brush or spoolie brush) which kind of evens it out and softens edges. I think that usually it looks pretty natural and most people wouldn’t notice that I’ve filled in my brows at all, which would be my goal.


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